Australia is as varied as it is enormous– it is home to thriving cities, vast wilderness and very friendly people. Sydney is for sophisticates, with its famous opera house and annual Sculpture By the Sea outdoor art exhibits. Port Douglas makes a great base for snorkelling or diving the Great Barrier Reef and quaint lighthouses keep vigil along the beaches of Byron Bay. Melbourne is a hub of rousing cricket activity and the limestone pillars of the Pinnacles Desert are a natural wonder.

Currency: Australian Dollar

Flight Duration (From London): 19 Hours 50 Minutes

Language(s): English

Time Zone: UTC -05:00

Australia experiences temperate weather for most of the year but the climate can vary due to the size of the continent. The northern states typically experience warm weather, with the southern states experiencing cooler winters.

Summer falls between December and February, Autumn between March and May, September between June and August and spring between September and November.

A visa is required to travel to Australia

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You don’t require vaccinations unless you have come from, or have visited a yellow fever infected country within six days of your arrival.


Fiji consists of over 300 Islands situated in the South Pacific, with Viti Levu being both the largest and most visited.

Viti Levu is home to the main airport and some breath taking beaches and attractions.  For spectacular views of the islands traditional villages and sandy beaches visitors can clime Mount Tonanivi.

Currency: Fijian Dollar

Flight Duration (From London): 20 Hours 44 Minutes

Language(s): English & Fijian

Time Zone: UTC +12:00

Temperatures in Fiji stay pretty constant all year round, with high’s of 31o C.  Rainy season is between November and April and high season is between July and September.

You do not need a visa to enter Fiji but you do need a minimum of 6 months left on your passport.

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Immunisations required are: Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, Tetanus-diptheria and MMR

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New Zealand

With its jaw-dropping scenery, New Zealand is perfect for tourists wanting to appreciate the stunning views and experience its glorious culture.

There are just 4.36 million New Zealanders scattered across an area bigger than the UK. With one-fourteenth of the population, something has to fill in the gaps? Well, in New Zealand, those gaps are filled with sublime forests, mountains, lakes, beaches and fiords that have made it one of the best hiking destinations on the planet. Tackle one of nine epic ‘Great Walks’ or just spend a few dreamy hours wandering through some easily accessible wilderness.

Currency: New Zealand Dollars

Flight Duration (From London): 23 Hours 17 Minutes

Language(s): English

Time Zone: UTC +11:00

The warmer high-season months between November and April are perfect for outdoor exploration. Summer, between December and February, is also when Kiwis crank up the food and wine festivals, concerts and sports events.

If you’re after a bit of snow visit when the powder is thickest – June to August is skiing high season.

 Your passport should be valid for a minimum period of 1 month from the date of exit from New Zealand.
British passport holders can enter New Zealand as a visitor for up to 6 months on arrival without a visa, provided you can satisfy an Immigration Officer that you meet the requirements of the immigration rules. Visitors must have an onward ticket. For further information contact the  New Zealand High Commission in London.

In general, no special immunizations or medications are necessary for travel to New Zealand.

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